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RBI Baseball franchise revived for Xbox One, PS4

GameSpot: At the time, this news meant Sony's PlayStation-exclusive MLB The Show series would be the only baseball series on the market, leaving Xbox fans in the lurch. But that's no longer the case, as R.B.I. Baseball 14 will see a multiplatform release this ...
GTA 5: Rockstar show off Xbox One and PS4 improvements after revealing

- 6 days ago @ GTA 5: Rockstar show off Xbox One and PS4 improvements after revealing online changes. ROCKSTAR'S new trailer for GTA 5 on the Xbox One and PS4 shows off the full extent of improvements fans can look forward ahead of the November 18 release date.

Xbox One controller comes to Windows

- 5 days ago @ Microsoft takes the Xbox One controller and adds a cable for PC gaming.

Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound Is Unlike Anything the Bayonetta Studio Has Made Before

- 5 days ago @ Platinum Games director says, "We've never made a game like Scalebound."

Best Xbox One holiday bundle deals

- 5 days ago @ Strange isn't it? November 22, 2015 marks a full year since the Xbox One hit store shelves in 13 vastly different markets. In that time we've seen the launch window games fade into obscurity (remember Crimson Dragon? Yeah, me neither) and blockbuster ...

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Microsoft delays Xbox One in China

Microsoft has delayed the launch of its Xbox One game console in China. The company said it would be released by the end of the year.

Microsoft Delays Xbox One's Launch In China

Microsoft has waited until practically the last possible minute to delay the launch of the Xbox One in China, originally slated to be released this Tuesday, September 23rd. Now they're saying it will be out in the country before the end of the year, though they're rather unclear about the reasons behind the delay.

Microsoft Delays Xbox One’s China Launch Without Explanation

Microsoft’s year-old Xbox One videogame system had a troubled birth, and now it has run into an embarrassing snag in China.

Microsoft delays launch of its Xbox One console in China

BEIJING (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp has delayed the launch of its Xbox One game console in China, which had been set for release on Tuesday, but the world's biggest software company said it would be released by the end of the year. Microsoft did not give a reason for the delay in a statement on Sunday. The delay is the latest in a series of setbacks for Microsoft in China, where it is under ...

Microsoft delays Xbox One's China launch

Polygon: The Xbox One's launch in China has been delayed, Microsoft says, to give the console "a bit more time to deliver the best experiences possible for our fans" there. Originally slated to launch Tuesday, that date now has been pushed to "by the end of ...

Microsoft pushes back the Xbox One's launch in China

Engadget: Bad news if you were hoping to pick up an Xbox One in Beijing next week: Microsoft has just delayed the game system's launch in China from September 23rd to sometime before the end of the year. The company isn't saying just what prompted the ...

China Xbox One Launch Delayed

The launch of the Xbox One was supposed to happen on September 23 , but Microsoft needs a little more time. A representative from Microsft offered the following statement about the delay: Despite strong and steady progress, we are going to need a bit more time to deliver the best experiences possible for our fans in China. At Xbox, we pride ourselves on delivering first-rate gaming and ...

New Xbox One Game Launches With 25% Discount for Xbox Live Gold Members

GameSpot: As the price of an Xbox Live Gold subscription has risen, Microsoft has also expanded what you get for being a Gold member. Most recently that's come in the form of free games, similar to what PlayStation Plus subscribers get. Starting today, at least ...




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Halo: Reach Is Free on Xbox 360 Through Games With Gold

GameSpot: Today is September 16, which not only means that the first day of Fall is less than a week away, but also that Xbox Live subscribers can now pick up a free copy of Bungie's 2010 Xbox 360 shooter Halo: Reach. The game is free today through the end of ...

Xbox Live service alert issued for missing social and game features

Users are having problems joining friends, accessing leaderboards and more.

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Destiny Visual Analysis: PS4 vs. Xbox One, PS3 vs Xbox 360

GamingBolt: There had been much frustration over the Xbox One version of Destiny running at 900p in comparison to the PS4's 1080p rendering, but Bungie had promised that they'll close down on such disparities and they have stood true to their words. The Xbox One ...

A brief history of the Xbox 360

Lazygamer: Welcome back to part 2 of our look back at the history of Xbox. By now, you've probably read part one and will want to read it again. That's ok, that's cool, we'll wait for you. The Xbox One launches locally on September 23, and we've already covered ...

Xbox One Versions of Halo: Reach, ODST On Microsoft's Radar

GameSpot: ODST and Reach (free on Xbox 360 right now) are part of the overall Halo saga, but they don't feature Master Chief. That's part of the reason why the games were left out of the Master Chief Collection, Ayoub said. "With Halo 5 coming out we really ...

Retail Hallucinations And The Pointlessness Of Owning A PlayStation 4 or Xbox

Forbes: Sony Sony's newest console is one of the fastest selling game machines in the history of the industry, and its combined sales with the Xbox One is more than 70% higher than that of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over the same timeframe. There is an ...

Xbox 360 Bundles Released For $249 Through Walmart

Even though it has released the Xbox One, Microsoft is not letting the Xbox 360 fade into oblivion this holiday season. Three new Xbox 360 bundles have been announced via the official Xbox blog, Major Nelson. First is an Xbox …

WWE 2K15 delays PS4, Xbox One release until Nov. 18

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of WWE 2K15 have been delayed three weeks and will now launch on Nov. 18, 2K Sports said in a statement released this morning. The game's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 launch is unchanged from the original Oct. 28 date. "The additional development time enables our talented teams to ensure the WWE 2K15 next-gen experience fully meets our expectations," Greg ...

A brief history of the Xbox 360 Part 2 – The games that mattered

Over seven years, there were a lot of games released on the Xbox 360. Hell, a ton more are still on the way, as this console still has some strong legs underneath it that can it carry for a year or two more. Franchises were born ...


Xbox/PS4/PC New IP from Borderlands Dev Gets 18-Minute Gameplay Trailer

GameSpot: 2K and Gearbox Software today released an 18-minute gameplay trailer/developer walkthrough for the company's upcoming brand new IP, Battleborn, which is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Though we published our hands-on preview for the ...

WWE 2k15 PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Pushed Back to November 2014

Christian Post: Fans of the WWE and its video games will have to wait a little longer as the release date of WWE 2k15 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been pushed back to November. 2K Sports confirmed this with a post on Twitter on Tuesday. WWE 2k15 Facebook/ ...

FIFA 15 Released Early on Xbox One via EA Access

GameSpot: Electronic Arts is giving Xbox One owners the chance to play the full version of FIFA 15 one week ahead of general release. Those who subscribe to the EA Access service can play the soccer sim now for a total of six hours. Saved data and progress will ...

Xbox One controller for PC coming in November, and it's strangely familiar

Polygon: Microsoft will release an Xbox One controller for Windows PC this November, the company announced earlier this week. The gamepad itself appears to be identical to the existing Xbox One controller. The difference with this package is that it will come ...

Xbox One controller for PC coming in November, and it's strangely familiar

Microsoft will release an Xbox One controller for Windows PC this November, the company announced earlier this week.

FIFA 15 Released Early on Xbox One via EA Access

Subscribers permitted to play for six hours throughout week preceding general release.

Michael Pachter: Microsoft is preparing for life after the Xbox

Pachter also talked about the middling critical response to Destiny, the recently released first-person shooter/massively multiplayer online game hybrid for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


Microsoft reveal 'wired' Xbox One Controller for PC

PC Gamer Magazine: There's a new addition to the "Hardware" section of Microsoft's website. It's the "Xbox One Controller + Cable for Windows", a 'wired' Xbox One controller designed specifically for the PC platform. What I mean is, it's exactly the same as any other ...

Microsoft's new accessories include a wired Xbox One controller for PCs

Engadget: The company's hardware team just unveiled a few new accessories, including a wired Xbox One controller for PC gaming, and a portable Bluetooth keyboard that can pair with three different devices at once. Starting with the controller, this is basically ...

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